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PYRO Fitness' owner trainer duo Indar & Flora lead a team of specialists who are dedicated professionals in the field of fitness and health. Indar’s philosophy has evolved from working with clients at many fitness levels and incorporating their needs with the most appropriate exercise program and the most modern equipment. PYRO Fitness' staff of trainers are educated in academic as well as real world applications of health, exercise and fitness.

Unlike other fitness clubs which sell you a membership and wish you “good luck”, PYRO Fitness takes pride in making sure you start off with all the tools and guidance you need. Our focus is on member results – it is extremely important to us that you reach all of your fitness goals.

PYRO Fitness was earlier know as Fitness Studio and has been in the fitness business for over 7 years.

Personalized Training

At PYRO Fitness, our concept of personal training takes you beyond standardized formulas and unstructured sessions. With our unique evaluation and assessment system, we will work with you to determine your current fitness level, formulate realistic achievable goals, and establish a multi-layered program that will produce solid results in both fitness and health. We evaluate each individual on stamina, strength, stability, flexibility and injury potential to develop a whole body approach to successfully reaching your goals.

Our Trainers

Has been in the fitness and personal training field for 18 yrs. Awarded the Best Personal Trainer 2005 in Bangalore, Indar spend 7 years with Talwalkars as a Senior Personal Trainer before starting Fitness Studio now PYRO Fitness.
1. American Muscle & Fitness Personal Trainer
2. TRX Rip Trainer
3. Kris Gethin Certified Bodybuilding Coach
4. Basic Yoga
5. Power Plate® Certification
6. Kettle Bell Certified Instructor

Has been an athlete and a fitness freak right from her school days, a Taekwondo Black Belt 3rd DAN, winner of the Jackie Chan fastest number of kicks in a minute and our in house nutritionist. Flora is very passionate about everything she does and a favorite among our lady members.

Indar and Flora are assisted by 6 other highly dedicated and professional trainers to bring you the best training experience at the club.

Fitness programs

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