Cardio Kickboxing

The key advantage of Cardio kickboxing is that you get the benefits of a cardiovascular workout in addition to the strength and flexibility improvements as a result of kicks and punches. Kickboxing is a complete body workout. The kicks toughen the lower body and the punches work the upper body. The abdominals and back muscles are used to stabilize the body for all kickboxing moves. A high-intensity cardio kickboxing routine can burn from anywhere up to 350 to 500-calories an hour.

Even though Cardio kickboxing is an intense workout, you can gradually start with basic moves and progress as you build fitness levels.

Benefits at a glance:
1. Burns fat
2. Builds muscle
3. Improves aerobic stamina, strength and flexibility
4. Improves balance and coordination
5. A great stress buster
6. Can an exercise beginner join this program?

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