Power Yoga

Power Yoga is the Western version of the Indian Ashtanga Yoga which emphasizes developing one's physical flexibility and nurtures the desire for self-discipline.

Power Yoga consists of a series of Yoga Poses while synchronizing one's breathing patterns to each movement, resulting in actions with perfect unity and grace. In the eyes of a person who does not practice Yoga, the movement may seem soft and free-flowing, comparable to a trancelike dance. But in the perspective of a Power Yogi, the process is like a vigorous exercise, pushing and contorting every limb to its limit while maintaining a strong sense of inner peace and concentration to pull off each move flawlessly and gracefully.

Power Yoga demands a certain level of dedication for one to fully enjoy it, a lot of enthusiasts are still loyal to the practice.

Benefits of Power Yoga:
1. Bolsters strength, stamina, and flexibility.
2. Improves one's ability to focus.
3. Great way to release tension and anxiety.
4. Helps a person maintain proper posture.
5. Tones your body well.
6. Good way to remove bodily toxins through sweat.
7. Serves as a great training for athletes.
8. Helps improve a person's performance in certain sports like Cycling, Golf, football, and swimming.

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